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Drug Offenses

  • Over the years, David Seay, Jr. has represented clients charged with various levels of drug offenses, from simple possession of marijuana to multiple trafficking charges. Whether your charge is a simple misdemeanor or a high level narcotics offense, David takes all drug cases seriously and has years of experience defending them.
  • My drug charges are serious – am I going to jail?
    • An attorney can evaluate your case and help negotiate with the prosecution for reductions. It is very rare that serious drug charges are outright dismissed, but an attorney can help you evaluate whether your case may meet the qualifications for Home Incarceration Program (HIP), Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI), probation, or some other alternative to a prison sentence. In some cases law enforcement may have violated your rights in seizing the alleged drugs and an attorney may be able to seek suppression of the State’s evidence. And if a trial is in your best interest, then a trial lawyer can prepare your defense, cross examine witnesses and make motions to the court. David Seay, Jr., a trial lawyer, can consult with you to determine the best course of action in your case.
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